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New equipment donated to Sher Hospital

22 June 2022 Aswin Endeman

Recently some new equipment was donated to Sher Hospital, by our neighboring farms AQ Roses, Braam Roses, Herburg Roses and Ziway Roses. An ECG machine, three patient monitors and a delivery coach are now at the hand of our dedicated medical staff. We would like to thank the companies for their generosity and for supporting the emergency room.
At Sher hospital all employees (approx. 20.000) of the 5 floricultural enterprises in Ziway get free medical care. Over 100.000 patients (employees, students and community members) are treated every year.

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Management training

9 May 2022 Aswin Endeman

In our continuous process of developing our team and people, we have trained our company managers in Ethiopia during a 2-day Effective Leadership Training on April 28 & 29, hosted by R&D Group. The balance between theory and interactive exercises made the training energetic and spent with positive vibes.

Topics such as leadership styles, effective communication, delegation, time management, conflict management and teamwork were part of this training.

We wish our management the best of success in the implementation of the skills learned and as a team we are happy to support them.

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New lab-machine donated to Sher Ethiopia Hospital by PFSA

17 April 2022 Aswin Endeman

Recently the Pharmaceutical Fund and Supply Agency (PFSA) has donated a new Cobass C311 labmachine to Sher Ethiopia Hospital. The donation acknowledges the longtime commitment that Sher Hospital has made in providing affordable medical services to the local community in and around Ziway/Batu.

The Cobass C311 machine can process all kinds of chemistry, electrolyte, and enzymatic tests such as cholinesterase with a capacity up to 300 tests per hour.  Last week, the Sher laboratory staff received an extensive training by agent Retina and supplier Roch.

Surafel Kebede, lab technician at the Sher Ethiopia hospital says:” I would like to thank the supplier Retina representatives Asheber Gurmesa and Tesfahun who have trained us on using this machine. We are now fully prepared to provide the necessary services to our patients by using this machine to its full extend”.

Our sincere thank goes out to the staff of PFSA, Retina and Roch for this remarkable donation that helps to maintain affordable medical care for the region.


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New vacancy: Environmental Manager

7 April 2022 Aswin Endeman

Sher Ethiopia is looking for talent!

Have you finalized your MSC in Environmental Studies and more than 5 years of relevant work experience? Do you know how to explain and present technical features on agricultural / environmental issues? Can you make annual environmental plans which are according to the actual legislation and can you perform and guide environmental audits?

Look at our job vacancy for which Ethiojobs is supporting us and apply via their website.

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Sher Ethiopia awarded by Fairtrade Africa

1 April 2022 Aswin Endeman

To commemorate the international women’s day celebrations, last week, Fairtrade Africa Eastern and Central Africa (ECAN) Network hosted an event named #breakingthebias in Ziway Ethiopia. This event (full report here) brought together producer champions including women led producer organizations from across East Africa to recognize, celebrate and exchange on their best practices and initiatives that have advanced gender equality and women empowerment within their producer organizations.

One day before the event, participants from Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, and Democratic Republic Congo visited Sher Ethiopia farm to meet the Gender Committee and to learn about their valuable work done related to disability inclusion and maternity leave. The group also visited Sher Ethiopia Hospital.

During the event on March 25, the Fairtrade Africa organization awarded Gender Champions from each country. For Ethiopia, Sher was awarded for being a leading organization when it comes to gender. The award and certificate were accepted by Adanech Duga (Chairperson) and Bodode Kilto on behalf of the Gender Committee. A great achievement.

Overview News

Gerrit & Nel Barnhoorn Scholarship awarded to 4 students

1 April 2022 Aswin Endeman

On March 23, the first Gerrit and Nel Barnhoorn Scholarships have been awarded to four Sher-school graduates. This 4-year scholarship was established in 2021 in commemoration of the 50th wedding anniversary of Gerrit and Nel Barnhoorn. The Barnhoorn family are the founders of Sher Ethiopia and its schools. Each year 4 students (2 female and 2 male) are granted a scholarship that helps them to cover a part of their study-expenses and cost of living at a university of their choice in Ethiopia. The main goal of the scholarship is to help high achieving students with disadvantaged backgrounds.

On Wednesday Aziza Suleman, Kaleb Jemal, Tensae Minase and Yidnekachew Masresha received the first scholarships from John Barnhoorn, son of Gerrit and Nel Barnhoorn. On behalf of his family, he congratulated the winners and thanked the Sher School teachers and supporting staff for their hard work over the past 15 years. “The fact that Sher School has made such a positive impact over the years and has changed so many lives since my parents started to build the first nursery classrooms in 2006, fills their hearts with joy and happiness” John said.

This year a group of 205 students completed the Sher-schools starting from kindergarten up to grade 12 in High-School. Four of them received a the Barnhoorn scholarship and four others were given a laptop. The ceremony took place in the presence of the students’ families, Sher Ethiopia managers, community elders, Sher School staff, the parents committee and officials from the Education Office, the Investment Office, EHPEA and the Woreda Administration.

We thank Mr. and Mrs. Barnhoorn for their unwavering support for the Sher Schools and Hospital over the years and we are extremely proud of these students as they are a true example of the positive impact that Sher Ethiopia has on the community in Ziway and surrounding areas. We wish all our graduated students a bright future, wherever it may take them.

Sher schools in Ethiopia accommodate over 6500 students at three locations. Approximately 400 children – starting at the age of 4 – are admitted to Sher schools every year. Admission takes place on a 50-50 basis, with an equal split between the children of employees and children from the local community.

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International Women’s Day

8 March 2022 Aswin Endeman

Warm wishes on Women’s Day to all our amazing female employees. You all are doing fantastic work and we all are extremely proud of you!

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Sher endorses the importance of a Code of Conduct for Floriculture

3 March 2022 Aswin Endeman

As part of the floriculture sector we are pleased to adopt the new Code of Conduct. This Code provides 12 principles for responsible business conduct. The flyer summarizes the Code of Conduct and explains how it serves as an important starting point for risk assessment and a tool to support a due diligence process. The principles are based on existing sustainability requirements (including OECD- and UN-guidelines, legislation, and certifications) and have been adapted to the floriculture sector where relevant. We call up on our supply chain partners to embrace this code and join us on journey for continuous improvement.

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Second round of Covid vaccination started at Sher farms and schools

22 February 2022 Aswin Endeman

Last week we started the second round of Covid vaccinations after the successful campaign in November 2021 where more than 12.000 employees and students were vaccinated. This second campaign is again organized by the employees of our hospital. Everybody is given a vaccination card to keep track of the vaccination dates and to create awareness on how to prevent Covid-infections. We are grateful to everyone involved in these campaigns and thank the local Health Office for providing the vaccines.

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IDH, VoCDA and Sher agree to collaborate in Worja catchment sustainability project

21 February 2022 Aswin Endeman

We are pleased to announce that recently Sher, IDH and VoCDA (vision of community development association) have signed a one-year agreement for the sustainable protection and utilization of the Worja- Kamo micro catchment area. The main objective of this project is to establish a strong governance system by developing a functional and participatory site management plan and bylaws with active participation of beneficiaries and relevant stakeholders.  In this regard, conservation zones and livelihood options encompassing ecotourism schemes will be introduced. Subsequently, 350 household will benefit through:

  • NTFP (non-timber forest production)
  • apiculture (80 beehives)
  • the application improved variety of maize seed
  • fodder production
  • the planting of 50.000 drought resilient trees

A total of 285 ha of land will be under permanent sustainable management including 35 ha of individual farming land and 250 ha of communal land (Worja-kemo micro catchment) that have already been rehabilitated through bio physical conservation. Recreational establishments will give job opportunities for women and youths in the local community. This 70.000-euro project is funded by IDH and Sher Ethiopia. VoCDA is the implementing partner.