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For the Sher Hospital in Ziway we are looking for a Doctor of Dental Medicine or Dental Surgeon

14 September 2022 Mariska Braam

Do you have good communication skills with workmates, other medical staff and patients, and excellent attention for detail?
We require a minimum of 1 year of professional work experience at hospital level.
What we mainly ask of you as medical colleague is a committed, professional, and positive attitude, to create compassionate environment for the patients visiting our hospital.

Look at our job vacancy for which Ethiojobs is supporting us and apply via their website.

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New vacancy: School Director

2 September 2022 Mariska Braam

For the Sher Primary/Elementary school in Adami Tulu we are looking for a School Director.

Do you have strong communication and organizational skills and can you manage and motivate a team? We require a minimum of 3 years of work experience as a Primary School Director, preferably in private or public schools. What we mainly ask of you as a director is a committed, creative, and positive attitude, unlocking the potential of our great students!

Look at our job vacancy for which Ethiojobs is supporting us and apply via their website.

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Ensuring Sustainable Protection and Utilization of Worja-Kamo Micro catchment

24 May 2022 Mariska Braam

In the prolonged project in the Worja catchment area (Rift Valley) we are, together with IDH and Vocda, trying to achieve sustainable protection and utilization of the area. The area is communal land and the project aims to improve the livelihood of local residents as well as conserve the environment. Several initiatives have started after the kick-off of the project in March.

One of the initiatives is to develop eco-tourism activities because of its scenery and proximity to Lake Dembal and Batu town. The area is very suitable for wildlife viewing and migratory birds and easily accessible via the Batu-Butajera asphalt road that crosses the sites/mountain chains. Ecotourism has a dual purpose to protect the environment and generate additional income. Therefore, we trained 20 local community-members to run the newly constructed eco-tourism center. In cultural huts, visitors can now enjoy local drinks and food before walking the trails and enjoying the views. The training was provided in two forms; theoretical training on ecotourism by invited experts from ATJK Woreda Tourism Office and the practical training by Haile Resort experts.

Another example is the Income Generating Activity-groups where groups of local women are taught Business Development Skills. For instance, the Biftu Baha-group where 20 women have decided to produce and sell aloe vera and moringa soaps. Beekeeping is also stimulated. 50 modern beehives were handed over after a technical training was given to the beneficiaries.

Soil and water conservation is now organized by the local community. To support them, we distributed 80 pickaxes and 80 shovels. At the beginning of the upcoming rainy season, 1600 kg of improved maize seeds will be given to local farmers to increase the yield of fodder production. And 50.000 seedlings were sown (Moringa, Leusiniya and Sesbania amongst others) at the nursery site in Adamitulu Jido Kombolcha Woreda with collaboration of the ATJK Woreda Agriculture and Natural resource office.

Lastly, bylaws are drafted, making sure that by the end of this project, the community can take full responsibility of all activities in a sustainable way. We are happy to see that so much progress has been made for the 350 beneficiaries of this project that focusses on a wide variety of initiatives.

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International Safety Day

20 May 2022 Mariska Braam

On Thursday May 19 we celebrated International Safety Day. A program was prepared in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Water and Energy Office, 5 flower farms (Sher Ethiopia, Ziway Roses, AQ roses, Herburg Roses and Braam Roses) and the neighboring Soda ash company. All 100 participants joined a field visit at Ziway Rose and a panel discussion at the Sher Clubhouse. The theme ‘Act together to build a positive health and safety culture’, resulted in a lively discussion.

In the morning, the field visit started with a tour in town and on the compound creating awareness amongst the flower farm workers on health and safety matters. At the closing ceremony several awards and certificates were handed out. The meeting ended with a blessing by the elders and a joint lunch.

We thank our Health and Safety committee members for their continuous efforts on this important topic. Acting together and taking ownership will make our farms and community a saver place.


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Ziway / Batu water hyacinth pilot project

22 April 2022 Mariska Braam

On Wednesday April 13 a meeting was held in Ziway to kick-start a new pilot project to find sustainable solutions to the water hyacinth (embodj) problem in Lake Ziway. Nine partners have joined forces in a two-year project: 5 flower farms (Sher Ethiopia, Ziway Roses, AQ Roses, Braam Roses and Herburg Roses), IDH, specialists from PUM, Haile Resort and implementing partner Fair & Sustainable.

The project aims to produce briquettes from dried water hyacinth and to develop handicrafts. The goal is to create small businesses for women and youth. Within two years of piloting approximately 70 people will have an additional income or a full-time job. When proven successful, the project can be scaled up to a larger area around the lake resulting in the processing of large quantities of water hyacinth.

During the kick-start meeting all stakeholders including local government, farmers, fishermen and scientists were introduced to the project’s goals and expectations.


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Lake Dembel Run

22 March 2022 Mariska Braam

On Sunday March 21 the first Lake Dembel Run was organized by the Oromia Tourism Commission, the Batu Mayor’s office and IDH. From Sher Ethiopia 100 participants competed in this running race (10 km) along the shores of Lake Ziway (currently branded as Lake Dembel).

The aim of the event was to create awareness on the need for sharing responsibilities for the shared resources of the lake and the catchment and for that to build stronger and better partnerships for joint action. On Friday before the race a lot of companies and citizens teamed up to clean the shores.

Congratulations to Tariku Rameto, a Sher employee who came in third place!

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Sher donates food to drought affected regions of Borana and Guji

9 March 2022 Mariska Braam

Guji and Borana zones in Oromia are hit hard by the current drought. Sher Ethiopia has donated maize and wheat flour to help the people in need. On Monday 7th March, 2022, Ms Yezina Ayalew, Head of PR of Sher Ethiopia, handed over the food items to Mr. Abebe Daadhhii, coordinator for the food collection in Batu/Ziway. We thank the town administration for organizing the collection and transportation to Guji and Borena Zone.


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Update: Sher FPC Community Housing project

7 February 2022 Mariska Braam

The Sher Fairtrade Premium Committee is an independent workers initiative that allocates a share of their budget to support community projects. In 2021 the committee decided they wanted to help to improve the housing situation for some of the impoverished community members in Ziway. In close collaboration with the town administration, families in need have been selected to benefit from the project where 16 new apartments will be built. Sher FPC will pay for all materials and Sher Ethiopia has agreed to donate in the form of labour by the construction team.

Recently the foundations have been finished, and we have now started erecting the walls. We hope to finish the project by April says Andualem Abera (Construction Supervisor and General Assembly Chair Person).

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1000 graduates from 2021 FPC skill-training program

4 February 2022 Mariska Braam

Last Saturday 1000 Sher employees graduated from their skill trainings offered by the Sher Fairtrade Premium Committee. Over a period of 10 months, they were taught skills in Driving, Beauty Salon, Tailoring, Basic IT or Barbershop. The Sher FPC is offering these trainings at a subsidized rate of 70%, where 30% is paid by the employees.

We congratulate all students with their excellent results and thank them for their hard work. Studying besides a daytime job at the company requires dedication and commitment. So well done!

For 2022 the Sher FPC will continue the skill-trainings program and will add extra courses on Electronics maintenance, Mobile maintenance and Catering and Food. We hope that many employees will sign up for the trainings offered in 2022.

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Protecting the Lake: water hyacinth removal

31 January 2022 Mariska Braam

Water hyacinth is an invasive species in Ethiopia. The presence of this non-indigenous water hyacinth is a growing concern for many lakes around the world. It is an aquatic plant that can live and reproduce on the surface of fresh waters or can be anchored in mud. Plant size ranges from a few inches to a meter in height. Its rate of proliferation under certain circumstances is extremely rapid and it can spread to cause infestations over large areas of water causing a variety of problems. It grows in mats which can reduce light and oxygen, change water chemistry, and affect flora and fauna. It also causes practical problems for marine transportation, fishing and at intakes for hydro power and irrigation schemes.

In Ziway the problem is addressed in two ways. Firstly, by physically removing the water hyacinth from the lake and shores. Large groups of Sher-employees team up to remove the plant from the water, and secondly by planting trees in the upper catchment area, as deforestation, erosion, and the washing of sediment into the lake is the root cause of this problem. Over the last few years, we have planted over 800.000 trees in the upper catchment area, and we will continue planting with our partners IDH and Fair and Sustainable. We would like to thank our employees for taking on these challenging tasks.