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Mela for Her: supporting young girls with sustainable menstrual solutions

5 December 2022 Aswin Endeman
Mala ishiif: fala waaraa marsaa laguu ijoollee shamarraniif

Recently we started a new project for 1300 female students at our Sher-schools: Mela for her. Mela (መላ) means solution in Amharic. A solution for a problem that unfortunately exists for many young women and girls in Africa: a lack of affordable sanitary products.

For many people, menstrual hygiene is an inconvenience or taboo. For millions of girls around the world, it can pose barriers to education, health, self-esteem, and human rights. And for many, the start of menstruation typically means a loss of days in school.

MELA FOR HER is an Ethiopian social start-up enterprise that transforms women and girls’ lives across Ethiopia by providing them with affordable and eco-friendly menstrual products and menstrual health education. The Sher-schools and Mela for her teamed up and with the help of the Dutch Flower Foundation we will provide 1300 girls, in the age of 11-18 years, with a kit of menstrual aid products. Besides the kits, a team of experts will train a group of Sher-school teachers and through the girls-club all 1300 students will be offered a training on menstrual health.

We would like to thank the Mela for her team for the fruitful collaboration and we sincerely thank the Dutch Flower Foundation for their support now and their commitment to this project in the future. Together we contribute to a world where girls can enjoy their right to dignity so they can reach their full potential in life.