Reforestation and restoration of landscapes


Together with IDH and Self Help Africa we have been working on the reforestation and restoration of degraded lands. In Ethiopia, trees are mainly used for logging and as fuel, which means the country is eroding. To help restore woodland cover and promote rainwater infiltration, 800,000 seedlings were planted in the upper catchment of Lake Ziway over the past years. The trees were planted on the Worja hill, over an area measuring approximately 200 hectares. The area was designated by the local community itself. Grass that grows between the trees serves as animal feed. The selected trees are fruit-bearing, and thus also serve as a source of food when the fruits are ripe. This means they serve a dual purpose. To supplement this reforestation work, 250 farmers were trained in constructing soil and water conservation structures, livestock feed production and other natural resource management skills.

Wildlife impressions