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Addis Ababa University students visiting

15 December 2022 Aswin Endeman

Recently we hosted a group of 48 teachers and students from Addis Ababa University. After welcoming a brief presentation was given to them about the company and the growing and logistical processes. They showed great interest in the environmental and social practices of the company. The CSR strategy and projects were explained by Mr Aswin Endeman. After the presentation and discussion, a field visit was carried out at the greenhouse, grading and wetland. At the end, the participants declared that they were impressed with Sher Ethiopia’s development on social services and environmental protection. Finally, the group thanked Sher company for their hospitality and time spend with them on such a short notice.

We want to emphasize that we like to share our story with interested people. We do require groups to make an appointment well in advance.