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HortiFlora Expo

14 March 2023 Aswin Endeman
EHPEA-certificaat voor praktijkcode

We look back with great pleasure on three exciting exhibition days at the 8th edition of the HortiFlora Expo in Addis Ababa last week. The exhibition was opened by Dr. Girma Amente, Minister of Agriculture with Mr. Mesfin Tasew, CEO of Ethiopian Airlines, as guest of honor.

For us, the exhibition is a great opportunity to talk to many relations and interested parties about our farms and the way in which we sustainably produce our beautiful roses. And about our many CSR projects, including the initiative in which dried water hyacinth is used by local women to braid all kinds of products.

This year the theme was about ‘Ensuring Sustainability’ and we are proud of the awards we received from EHPEA (Gold certificate Code of Conduct) and MPS (Hortifootprint Calculator).

All in all, a successful fair, where we would like to thank EHPEA for the splendid organization and all visitors for their interest.