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Support for disabled employees

8 September 2023 Aswin Endeman

Last week we were able to distribute eyeglasses and supportive devices to members of our staff through the support of the Fairtrade Dignified Opportunities Nurtured through Trade & Sustainability program (DONUTS program).

The objectives of this 4-year program are gender equality, youth, and vulnerable groups and especially persons with disabilities. Besides that, the program aims to strengthen the capacities of the Fairtrade Producers Organizations (POs) and the trade unions. The program is funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.

At Sher Ethiopia, inclusion of employees with disabilities has always been a priority. Therefore, we are grateful that the DONUTS program has supported 108 disabled employees with devices.

In this project Sher Ethiopia and Fairtrade Africa teamed up with Gerarbet Rehabilitation Association. This association carried out the measurements for the beneficiaries to determine the kind of device required and the proper fitting of the devices. These include a.o. tricycles, crutches, artificial limbs, eyeglasses, and hearing devices.

We are happy to see that 108 employees can live and work more comfortably. A big thank you to our respected partners!