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300.000 trees planted by Sher Ethiopia

28 July 2021 Mariska Braam

Reforestation and rehabilitation of degraded land are some of the environmental projects that Sher Ethiopia has been working on with several partners over the last years. On the Worja hill near Ziway/Batu over 500,000 trees have been planted so far and measures have been taken to prevent erosion. In this area, 150 ha of communal land is slowly recovering with the help of the local communities that prevent overgrazing. Wildlife is returning and biodiversity is increasing.

Now that the rainy season has started, we were able to plant an extra 300,000 young trees in collaboration with IDH, Self-help Africa & the Adami Tulu Judo Kombolcha Agriculture Office. Besides the Worja hill, planting also took place at the compounds of the Sher Schools and Hospital and at the farms in a joint effort with community representatives and youth groups.

We would like to thank all participants and volunteers for their hard work and in particular the representatives of the Batu/Ziway Environmental Office & Education Office. Together we made an important contribution to Ethiopia’s Green Legacy.