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Afriflora, DFF and Camara jointly upgrade IT-rooms Sher School

30 June 2023 Aswin Endeman

With a generous gift of Dutch Flower Foundation we were able to establish two brand new E-learning centers at the Sher High-school in Ziway.

Camara Education that provided 50 new computers and two servers, supplies computers to schools and train teachers, often in rural and far-flung parts of Ethiopia. They help to create a secure and dust-free environment for a computer classroom. Their trainers visited the school for a week, training 26 teachers in the use of computers in the curriculum and giving advice on basic maintenance.

Camara’s computers run on the Ubuntu open-source operating system. They are pre-loaded with a range of educational software, from simple games to specialized Camara Learning Studio resources for math and science. All computers are also loaded with an offline version of Wikipedia, creating an extraordinary learning resource for schools with limited internet connections. And most important of all, the computers are installed with PDFs of Ministry of Education textbooks covering the entire school curriculum. Textbooks are in very short supply in many of Ethiopia’s 40,000 schools, so this alone is a crucial resource.

Dutch Flower Foundation (DFF) aims to improve the living conditions and well-being of people in need and in particular children. This will focus on countries where Dutch Flower Group (DFG) companies are active with an emphasis on connected community projects. Through the activities of DFF, DFG gives substance to its responsibility for the world in which we live.

Hundreds of students will benefit from this according to Sher School director mr. Negusse Aga: ‘Computer-skills are extremely important for our students. Sher-schools have an excellent reputation in Ethiopia. Almost all the students qualify to attend universities. New computers enable us to uphold our reputation and open the digital world to our students’.

Afriflora operates three farms in Ethiopia under the name Sher Ethiopia. In the Sher schools 6800 children ranging from Kindergarten to Highschool get free education.

On behalf of the students and teachers we would like to sincerely thank DFF and Camara for their highly appreciated contribution in this project.