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Afriflora to support Women-empowerment

1 April 2021 Mariska Braam

Women are the backbone of the economy is often said. Definitely in Ethiopia. Therefore, we were the proud sponsor and contributor of some meetings on Women Empowerment. In Adama we sponsored a meeting of 500 women working for the government in the East Showa Zone. Yezina Ayalew, PR officer at Sher Ethiopia spoke about the importance of the Women School of Leadership and the attention for reproductive health and family planning. During a meeting in Ziway, Ann Siminta, Compliance Manager at Sher Ethiopia spoke at the celebration event of International Womens Day organized by Fairtrade. In March we will start a program on women empowerment targeting 1500 female employees in our farms. Sher Ethiopia will continue working with the various stakeholders on women empowerment, gender inclusivity and consideration and care for workers with disability. A big thank you to all our female employees.