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Large scale Covid vaccination campaign started at Sher Farms

29 november 2021 Mariska Braam

We are pleased to report that the local governments in Ziway and Adami Tulu have made available thousands of Covid-vaccines for our employees. A large-scale vaccination campaign was launched last week. Over 5500 employees have been vaccinated since last Tuesday. We expect to be able to offer a vaccine to all employees who are willing within about 10 days. The campaign is led by employees of our hospital who were fortunately able to receive a vaccine at an earlier stage. That also applies to our teachers at the Sher schools. We hope to soon be able to contribute to a large campaign targeting all people in the communities in which we operate. Our thanks go to everyone involved in the current campaign and to the organizations that made the vaccines available.

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12 new Sher graduates from Women School of Leadership

13 november 2021 Mariska Braam

Recently 12 Sher employees successfully completed their one-year course at the Women School of Leadership (WSOL) organized by Fairtrade Africa. WSOL was established with an intention to empower female employees at the workplace on matters related to social, reproductive health, economic power, disability inclusion, and all other factors that affect women at work.

The WSOL participants went through a ten-module training and the graduates are expected to cascade their knowledge through a peer-to-peer program on the farms. They can also begin an income-generating activity that would help them subsidize their income. A seed capital will be provided to them by Fairtrade Africa.

This year the WSOL program was also about including men in the gender committee as a way of diversifying the gender committees and to encourage the collaboration between women and men.

We congratulate our fresh graduates and thank Fairtrade Africa for organizing this important course.

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Code of Practice Silver and Gold status extended

1 november 2021 Mariska Braam

Today our Silver and Gold status for the EHPEA Code of Practice was officially extended. This label from the Ethiopian Horticulture Producer Exporters Association monitors the social and environmental performance of affiliated exporters of flowers, cuttings, and vegetables in Ethiopia. EHPEA Code of Practice has three levels: bronze, silver, and gold. Code of Practice Silver is equivalent to the international Global GAP for flowers and ornamentals. Control Union Certification (CUC) performs the independent audits and certifications during certification. Compared to the Code of Practice Silver, Gold status requires additional activities and collaboration with the local community and the horticultural sector. Sher Ethiopia has held Gold status since 2014.


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Visit us at the Trade Fair Aalsmeer 2021

17 oktober 2021 Mariska Braam
Portrait - ZINASH GRSA - our people

We would like to welcome you at the Trade Fair 2021 in Aalsmeer 2021 on 3,4, or 5 November. Our stand is located in the middle of the exhibition floor (stand number 19.8)
During the fair we would like to talk to you about all recent developments while enjoying a cup of coffee, a snack or a drink. We look forward to your visit.

The Trade Fair Aalsmeer is a unique networking and inspiration event in the field of floriculture.

Don’t forget to register.


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ToT training for staff

7 oktober 2021 Mariska Braam

At Sher Ethiopia we encourage our people to develop themselves and to pass their knowledge on to colleagues.

Over the last 3 months we organized a Training of Trainers program for our management staff in collaboration with R&D Group, at our farm in Ziway. At the final meeting on October 7, all participants completed their ToT training successfully. The energy of the group was contagious and it was encouraging to see how they learned from the valuable feedback given by the trainers of R&D Group. All participants confirmed that the ToT training program added great value to their role as internal trainers for Sher Ethiopia. Congratulations to all!


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World Cleanup Day

25 september 2021 Mariska Braam

On World Cleanup Day, people around the world unite and join forces to clean up litter and waste from the environment. Today (September 22, 2021) we actively contributed by cleaning the surrounding environments of our 3 farms in Adami Tulu, Koka and in Ziway where we joined forced with our neighboring farms. Over a 150 Sher-employees participated. Encouraged by the mayor of Ziway and the Kebele administrator of Adami Tulu we removed many tons of litter. Litter is not only unpleasant to look at; eventually, it will pollute the environment and make its way to rivers, lakes, and the oceans, endangering animals and harming the planet and our health.

A big thank you to all our workers and volunteers that contributed to this event. Now let’s keep it clean!

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Study material donated to orphans

23 september 2021 Mariska Braam

Recently the five growers (Braam Roses, Ziway Roses, Herburg Roses, AQ Roses and Sher Ethiopia) joined forces to hand over learning aids like exercise books, pens, pencils, erasers and bags for the needy children of Ziway. Sher Ethiopia contributed 248 study packages and 48 backpacks. We would like to pass our gratitude for the festive gathering organized by the elders and government representatives. And we wish all the best for the children that finally returned to school after a long summer break.

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Sports unite people

14 september 2021 Mariska Braam

Over the last few weeks the Sher football stadium in Ziway hosted a tournament for Ethiopian National club teams under 17 years.  In total, 16 teams from different parts of the country competed and stayed for one month. In acknowledgment of the support provided by Sher Ethiopia, the Ethiopian Football Federation issued a certificate of appreciation with the team’s photograph by instructor Sewnet Bishaw. Some matches were broadcasted by television networks and radio-stations. On September 7 the thrilling final game was decided by penalties between Arba Minch against Adama (4-1). We congratulate the Arba Minch team with this victory.

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4 top students Sher school selected for Adama Boarding School

10 september 2021 Mariska Braam

We are very proud to announce that Adama Boarding School has selected 4 of our grade eight- students to join their program. Every year Adama Boarding School selects the top 5 grade eight students from the 10 districts in the Zone.  The fact that 4 from 5 students come from Sher-school strengthens our determination to be one of the top-rated schools in Ethiopia. We thank our school managers, teachers, and supporting staff for their unremitting effort every day.  A special congratulations to Nafira, Fayyisaa, Eebboseen and Yooseef. We wish you all the best at Adama Boarding school.

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300.000 trees planted by Sher Ethiopia in collaboration with partners

28 juli 2021 Mariska Braam

Reforestation and rehabilitation of degraded land are some of the environmental projects that Sher Ethiopia has been working on with several partners over the last years. On the Worja hill near Ziway/Batu over 500,000 trees have been planted so far and measures have been taken to prevent erosion. In this area, 150 ha of communal land is slowly recovering with the help of the local communities that prevent overgrazing. Wildlife is returning and biodiversity is increasing.

Now that the rainy season has started, we were able to plant an extra 300,000 young trees in collaboration with IDH, Self-help Africa & the Adami Tulu Judo Kombolcha Agriculture Office. Besides the Worja hill, planting also took place at the compounds of the Sher Schools and Hospital and at the farms in a joint effort with community representatives and youth groups.

We would like to thank all participants and volunteers for their hard work and in particular the representatives of the Batu/Ziway Environmental Office & Education Office. Together we made an important contribution to Ethiopia’s Green Legacy.