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Dutch Flower Foundation donates laboratory machine to Sher Ethiopia Hospital

5 July 2024 Mariska Braam

In our efforts to upgrade the services of the Sher Hospital in Batu / Ziway we have recently received a significant donation from Dutch Flower Foundation which was used to buy a fully automated BS-200E chemistry analyser. This device operates with an open system that uses multiple reagents. Now the hospital can buy different types of reagents from local market with fair price and good quality. It can perform multiple tasks: organ function test like renal function tests, liver function tests, electrolyte tests and others. Because it is fully automated, less human intervention is needed. It has a capacity of performing 200 tests per hour.

Laboratory Head, Surafel Kebede, emphasises on quality service delivery which requires not only qualified personnel to perform the tests promptly but also infrastructure like modern laboratory machine. He says: “The laboratory has implemented major improvements over the last two years including room expansion, replacement of old equipment and staff training programs. The new chemistry analyser helps us to improve our services even further.”

After installation and a professional training from the manufacturer for all staff involved, the new machine was put into use.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Dutch Flower Foundation on behalf of all employees of the Sher hospital for this generous donation.

At Sher hospital all Sher employees (approx. 12.500) and Sher-students (6.500) get free medical care. Members of the community are served at a low-cost rate. Over 100.000 patients are treated every year.

Dutch Flower Foundation (DFF) aims to improve the living conditions and well-being of people in need and in particular children. Through the activities of DFF, DFG gives substance to its responsibility for the world in which we live.