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Fairtrade International women’s day celebration in Entebbe Uganda

25 April 2024 Mariska Braam

On April 3rd & 4th 2024 Fairtrade International Woman’s Day was celebrated in Entebbe at Wagagai Farm. The purpose of the celebration was to share success stories and initiatives that showcase Fairtrade’s efforts in empowering women towards gender equity.

Representatives were present from many African Fairtrade certified producers, as well as Woman School of Leadership project beneficiaries, government representatives, partners and stakeholders of Fairtrade Africa. On behalf of Sher Ethiopia, Roman Asfaw (Environmental Manager) participated. She shared Sher Ethiopia’s best practices in relation to women empowerment. For example, the distribution of Mela for her sanitary packages for students as well as for employees.

The program contained a visit to Wagagai Limited, a company with more than 2000 employees and various initiatives such as a radio project to interact with the community and disseminate information on various topics.

‘While we have come a long way with diversity, equity, and inclusion, we still have far to go until women are equally recognized for their professional contributions. We will keep striving to meet our goal by offering our employees and community members a range of training opportunities and programs’ stated by the all participants. At Sher Ethiopia, we are committed to do our part.