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New anesthesia machine for Sher Hospital

25 October 2022 Aswin Endeman
New anesthesia machine for Sher Hospital

In our efforts to upgrade the services of the Sher Hospital in Batu / Ziway we have recently invested in a new anesthesia machine. According to Worke Aboy, anesthetist, the machine is a real asset to the hospital because is works fully automatic so the anesthetist can work multiple tasks during the surgery while observing the patient.

Another advantage is the fact that the new machine has a paediatric part. Dr. Dems, Medical Director, explains: ‘Previously we had to refer children to other hospitals. With the use of the new machine this is history, and we can treat more patients.

After installation and a professional training from the manufacturer for all staff involved, the new machine was put into use.

At Sher hospital all Sher employees (approx. 12.500) and Sher-students (6.500) get free medical care. Members of the community are served at a low-cost rate. Over 100.000 patients are treated every year.