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Sher and Van Dijk Flora join forces and start School Milk Project

26 October 2022 Aswin Endeman
Sheer fi Vaan diik Floraa /Hundeesitoonni Habaaboo waliin qindayanii Pirojeektii Aananii mana baruumsaa Itiyoophiyaa keessatti jalqaban

We recently started a special project in Ethiopia together with Van Dijk Flora and Dutch Flower Foundation. This school year, 1350 students at Sher schools aged 4 to 6 will receive a portion of probiotic yogurt full of healthy nutrients and building materials twice a week. One serving of milk provides a 5-year-old with 33% of the daily protein requirement and 10% of the daily calories. The yogurt is added to the existing hot meal that all KG-students receive every day at school.

With this project we make sure that children get the nutritious food they need. In this way we reduce the risk of malnutrition and increase the attendance of the children. For this project, there is a collaboration with two local dairy farmers where their sales are guaranteed, which provides work for no fewer than sixteen people.

We are very grateful with this generous help from our partners van Dijk Flora and Dutch Flower Foundation and would like to thank them on behalf of all the children, parents and teachers at the Sher schools.