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Sher employees supported with assistive devices

3 July 2024 Mariska Braam

At Sher Ethiopia inclusion of employees with disabilities has always been without doubt. Nevertheless, we are grateful that within the DONUTS program of Fairtrade Africa another 70 disabled employees have been supported with devices to enable them to work more comfortable. Making the total beneficiaries 178.

In this project Sher Ethiopia and Fairtrade Africa team up with Gerarbet Rehabilitation Association, located in Ziway, to carry out the measurements for the beneficiaries to determine the kind of device required and the proper fitting of the devices. These include a.o. tricycles, crutches, artificial limbs, eyeglasses, and hearing devices. Recently, these devices have been handed out.

We sincerely thank Fairtrade Africa and the Gerarbet Rehabilitation Association for their great work and support.