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Sher Ethiopia awarded by Fairtrade Africa

1 April 2022 Aswin Endeman

To commemorate the international women’s day celebrations, last week, Fairtrade Africa Eastern and Central Africa (ECAN) Network hosted an event named #breakingthebias in Ziway Ethiopia. This event (full report here) brought together producer champions including women led producer organizations from across East Africa to recognize, celebrate and exchange on their best practices and initiatives that have advanced gender equality and women empowerment within their producer organizations.

One day before the event, participants from Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, and Democratic Republic Congo visited Sher Ethiopia farm to meet the Gender Committee and to learn about their valuable work done related to disability inclusion and maternity leave. The group also visited Sher Ethiopia Hospital.

During the event on March 25, the Fairtrade Africa organization awarded Gender Champions from each country. For Ethiopia, Sher was awarded for being a leading organization when it comes to gender. The award and certificate were accepted by Adanech Duga (Chairperson) and Bodode Kilto on behalf of the Gender Committee. A great achievement.