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Sher Ethiopië is MPS ECAS certified

8 May 2017 QStylez
ET mps ecas tot 22-5-17x

Every four months we get re-certified if we meet all requirements. And right now, we did it again. We achieved the MPS ECAS (mps A) certificate.

MPS-ABS registration

With our certificate we show the market, government and society that we have respect for the environment. It also gives more information.

There are four business qualifications and within MPS there are four environmental themes where you can get a score:

  • Crop protection
  • Firtilizers
  • Power
  • Garbage

The score results in a business qualification. The distribution is as follows:

– Qualification A, between 70 and 110 points

– Qualification B, between 55 and 69,9 points

– Qualification C, between 10 and 54,9 points

– Qualification participant, between 0 and 9,9 points

As certified grower we show that we want to make a difference for the future with MPS and give a better interpretation of sustainability.