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Sher Hospital now has digital dental X-ray

23 May 2024 Mariska Braam

Recently, the Dental Clinic has undergone a big renovation. The room now has two dentist chairs making the procedures more efficient. The traditional X-ray machine has been replaced by a portable digital X-ray. Instead of using film, we now use an electronic sensor to take pictures.

Previously, while using traditional X-ray technology, for the development chemicals were needed. Moreover, it took a lot of time and the quality of the images were inferior compared to digital X-ray.

Dr.Netsanet Abebe, dentist: ”I am very happy with this addition to our clinic. The digital X-ray makes perfect images which are available right on demand making our patient flow more efficient.’

Sher Ethiopia continues to invest in its hospital that serves employees, Sher- School students and community members.