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Sher students awarded

30 January 2023 Aswin Endeman
ሼር ተማሪዎች ተሸለሙ

Recently, three of our 8th grade students participated in a contest of innovation & creativity prepared by the Oromia Education Office. The competition was at regional level, presented as “Oromia female’s students Day.” It was hosted in Addis Ababa at the Oromia Cultural Center.

Helen Yosef, Mahilet Birhanu and Kenenitu Teshome won in the category of handicrafts. They received medals and a certificate. During the day when they were accompanied by teacher Robiti Mengasha, they were given a chance to present their works of art in front of an audience. To celebrate, they went to see the Friendship Park the next day.

Back at Sher School the girls were honored by School Management and their fellow students. Well done girls!