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Ziway / Batu water hyacinth pilot project

22 April 2022 Mariska Braam

On Wednesday April 13 a meeting was held in Ziway to kick-start a new pilot project to find sustainable solutions to the water hyacinth (embodj) problem in Lake Ziway. Nine partners have joined forces in a two-year project: 5 flower farms (Sher Ethiopia, Ziway Roses, AQ Roses, Braam Roses and Herburg Roses), IDH, specialists from PUM, Haile Resort and implementing partner Fair & Sustainable.

The project aims to produce briquettes from dried water hyacinth and to develop handicrafts. The goal is to create small businesses for women and youth. Within two years of piloting approximately 70 people will have an additional income or a full-time job. When proven successful, the project can be scaled up to a larger area around the lake resulting in the processing of large quantities of water hyacinth.

During the kick-start meeting all stakeholders including local government, farmers, fishermen and scientists were introduced to the project’s goals and expectations.